Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka (Anuradhapura - Polonnaruwa - Kandy)

Srilanka, a tropical island, is vividly known around the World for its beautiful beach locations. But there are a lot more than spectacular destinations. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Kandy are three main cultural heritage destinations forming the geographical triangle with more historical and cultural significance. Within the triangle, there are some other heritage places like Dambulla and Sigiriya.

Within this culture triangle, you will find five of seven of Sri Lanka’s designated Heritage sites, where you get to see rock fortresses, majestic palaces, monuments, stupas, sculptures, and many more Buddhist temples that are several hundred years old. The three key destinations also serve as Buddhist pilgrimage sites. The impressive monuments and mystical forests reflect our ancestor’s culture and indigenous minds behind this marvelous architecture. Many of our tours are designed to see these great places.


Kandy is the last kingdom of Sri Lanka, and the Kandyan palace is the Temple of the Tooth Relic in the present day. Throughout history, the governance of the country has belonged to whoever holds the sacred tooth relic. This is also one of Sri Lanka's UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Dambulla Rock cave temple is another UNESCO world heritage site. This is one of the World’s finest cave complexes. You can see several cave paintings, sculptures, and carvings of Lord Buddha. The 2500-year-old paintings of various colors and shapes never fail to amaze the visitors.

The rock fortress Sigiriya situated closer to Dambulla is one of the most significant monuments in Sri Lanka and a UNESCO world heritage. Having a geographical location with restricted entrances on all four sides of the rock makes it impossible to attack the fortress on the rock.

Polonnaruwa is another world heritage site built by the great king Parakrama Bahu. As he ascended the throne, he made Polonnaruwa the capital city and built the city to greatness. To this date, the irrigation tanks still stand. His architecture is marvelous even today.

A UNESCO world heritage site was once the capital of Sri Lanka and the capital city of Buddhism. This great city was once ruled by Sri Lanka’s great kings and evaded many invasion attempts. Inhabitest for the most extended period, the irrigation tanks built more than a thousand years ago still stand firm.

Located just in the outskirts of the sacred city Anuradhapura, Mihinthale holds significant cultural importance. King Devanampiyatiss was preached by Arahat Mahinda Thero, a great disciple of Lord Buddha, from this place. Climbing the 1840 steps with take you to the summit of the sacred mountain.

Mountain Ritigala is a Natural Reserve where the ancient Buddhist monastery is located. Deeper into the forest, you can see many mammals and birds. This place was where most of the Buddhist teaching and meditation for priests were done.

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