Tea Plantation Trails and Estate Bungalow Stays

Sri Lanka is known around the world for producing and exporting premium quality tea. Today’s top tea-producing country, Sri Lanka’s tea history dated back almost 150 years ago. James Taylor, a Scottish planter, introduced the tea plantation in his estate in Galaha in 1866, and this was the beginning of the many tea plantations today. There is not a hill in the central hills without tea bushes in their slopes even today.

Under the British regime, tea plantations flourished, and there were many estate bungalows in their architecture which are still sight to see. Our estates and tea museums still have many proud stories of British ancestry. Apart from the bungalows, many churches were built during this period closer to the estates. They still stand in glory and are open for visitors.

A walk through trails is a rewarding experience. You will be able to witness our maiden of the hill country engaging in tea plucking and collecting them in their rattan basket. You can also visit some tea factories to learn how premium quality tea is made to see the extensive tea-making process. There is no better way to end this tour than learning to prepare your blended tea and tasting it.


“Ceylon Tea” is a name any tea lover would easily recognize. Tea estate that stretched through Hatton and Dikouya is the plantation that produces this premium tea. On this trail, you also can visit the famous Warleigh Church built by the British.

Also known as Little England, Nuwaraeliya was once a British colony. High mountains covered by tea carpets and mist paired with mystical lakes is a sight to see. The significant cool temperature does have a good impact on the aroma of the tea.

With ever-changing climatic conditions making every moment a different experience, Haputale estate trails are well known for great walks. It certainly is a great place to visit with the Adisham Monastery as a remarkable heritage. Little Adam's Peak, Ella Rock, and Namunukula are a short distance away, making it a treat.

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