Adventure Activities and Eco Tours

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots due to its various climate conditions and appropriate seasons. These climatic conditions favor our biodiversity and for travelers to experience a variety of eco-tours and adventures. The natural landscapes make it ideal for adventure activities like hiking, trekking, water rafting, zip lining, or even simple cycling. The wilderness in the knuckle ranges, misty mountains, waterfall, and endless rivers give you a one- of-a-kind experience.

Our exciting adventure activities and full-fun eco-tours are not limited to just a few locations. We have several adventures for you all around the island. You name it, and we have it.


With the river Kelani flowing through, Kitulgala becomes one of the best destinations for adventure water activities. Most travelers love to camp by the river for leisure. White water rafting is also available for those who love adrenaline rushing through their body. Adults and kids of adolescent age can enjoy this adventure safely by wearing life jackets and safety gear.

Ella is one of Sri Lanka’s prominent tourist destinations for several reasons. The magnificent view you get on the top, and unique open site camping allows you to enjoy the climate and night sky. Trekking to the Ella rock through multiple trails is one adventure you don’t want to miss. Zip lining is one activity you want to do to get your adrenaline charged.
Colorful nightlife in the town and peaceful serenity on the mountain top gives you equal pleasure in just visualizing the fantastic scenery.

Is the jungle campaign more of your scene? Then you do not want to miss the Habarana Forest Adventures. You get the opportunity to camp inside the jungle and have jungle food and enjoy the jungle activities. You get a glimpse of life inside the untamed wilderness.
You get to see the endemic birds, animals, and canoe in the jungle to witness the lush greens. Travelers enjoy the trails, fishing in lakes, and biking through the jungle.

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