Whale and Dolphin Watching Tours in Sri Lanka

In a tropical country like Sri Lanka, there are many water adventures you can do. Whale and Dolphin is one such tour you can enjoy doing. You always have more than a 90% chance to get a sight of blue whales. You can occasionally spot the Sperm Whales on their route from Australia to Africa. Whale-watching trips in Mirissa will treat you to the presence of whales and dolphins.

Our Whale watching tours on trawler boats that last up to 3 hours are organized, ensuring your safety and making it enjoyable. The best time to take these tours is from December to April. Our expert guide will help you spot pods of dolphins and whales once you sail offshore.


One of the most prominent Whale Watching destinations is Mirissa. Here you get the chance to look at the Blue whales in their natural habitat. On a good day from November to April, you would spot Spinner Dolphin, Sperm Whale, and Many Blue Whales.

With its beautiful beach, Kalpitiya is one other great destination for dolphin watching. December to April are the best months to spot dolphins. On a good day, you will be able to see dolphin pods with more than 1000 dolphins.

Trincomalee is one of the must-visit places in Sri Lanka. With so many beautiful landscapes, crystal blue water, and sandy beaches, everyone can have a relaxing holiday. Apart from the beach stay, you also get a chance to go on a whale watching tour from July to September.

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